About our Organization

Board of Directors

Ray J Daugbjerg  (President)

Richard White (Treasurer)

Sharon Gammell Miller (Secretary)

Rev. Doug Hall  (Family Support)

Bryan Best  (Finance/ Banking)

Robert Black (Construction Management)

Hannah Schulz, CPA  (Board Member)




Executive Committee
President: Ray J. Daugbjerg
Vice President: Vacant
Treasurer: Richard White
Secretary: Sharon Gammell Miller

Those volunteers who would like to join any of the Committees listed below are more than welcome!

Typical Tasks and Responsibilities of Committees:

Administration and Legal
• Allocating and managing funds and resources to conduct WCHH business with Habitat International, City and County agencies and businesses, contractors, and our home partners.
• Obtaining or providing counsel and advice to WCHH on legal and accounting issues as required.
• Obtaining insurance coverage for WCHH property and operations.
• Administering family partner mortgages and related matters.
• Developing and implementing policies and procedures for organization and operation of WCHH.
• Preparing and maintaining records and reports required by law and good business practices.

• Maintaining a directory of addresses for all WCHH members and volunteers..
• Responding to requests for talks at local events (club meetings, school activities, church events, etc).
• Maintaining a photographic record of the progress of each house in a method suitable for use in updating the web site and for storing information for historical records (electronic media preferred).
• Preparing a weekly e-mail status report on the progress of houses under construction or other items of interest to the WCHH organization, volunteers, and supporters in cooperation with the Volunteer Coordination Committee.

• Designing, planning, and helping the partner family building their house.
• Getting materials to the site for volunteers to use.
• Oversee site safety.
• Ensure quality construction in compliance with specifications, design, and codes.
• Ensure the implementation and maintenance of a green building policy.

• Fund-raising campaigns.
• Grant proposal writing.
• Special fund-raising events.
• Cultivation of major donors.
• Contact for local churches.
• Encourage church support for WCHH.

Family Selection and Support
• Preparing selection criteria for WCHH partner families.
• Screen and interview applicants, conduct home visits, and recommend applicants to the Board of Directors for prospective partners.
• Developing and implementing a support system for the families that includes educational opportunities as well as a forum to discuss issues of concern that the families might have.

• Maintain contacts with local Radio and Press to encourage regular news coverage of WCHH activities and achievements.
• Maintain the WCHH website.

Site selection
• Evaluating and recommending to the Board of Directors the area or areas of the community in which projects (new homes) will be developed.
• Check out the availability of property in these areas and recommend specific properties to the Board of Directors for acquisition.
• Reach agreement with the Construction Committee with regard to the suitability of potential sites.

Volunteer Coordination
• Responsible for recruiting and coordinating volunteers for WCHH committee, for building work days (usually Saturdays).
• Make arrangements with local churches, organizations, and individual volunteers to ensure there are adequate volunteers for each work day.
• Coordination with the Construction Committee to ensure that the right skills and interests in the volunteers are being matched with the tasks required each week.
• Weekly e-mail to volunteers on progress, work planned and picture(s) of achievements.
• Coordinate the provision of food/snacks/refreshments to volunteer workers.
• Tracking of volunteer sign-in sheets, hours worked and liability release forms